A few years ago, I was in a place where I was physically feeling my worst. We’ve all been there, reaching for comfort through food, through bad habits, and wondering why we can’t seem to escape the heaviness of the fog. My experience with getting to a place where I feel my best has not been an easy journey. It takes patience, commitment, and putting things into practice. Ultimately finding joy in everything, applying a layer of mindfulness to your actions, to what you eat, and what you do is the first step to feeling your best.

Join me on this unique 8 week program where we will focus on your desired goals and outcomes, and step into your place of authentic power. I want to hold a safe space filled with accountability, positivity and mindfulness to help you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually great.

The Reset to Rise Program is centered on understanding the following:

  • Identifying your personal goals, encompassing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Producing a plan and program catered to make you feel your best self.

  • Accountability through weekly calls and optional group sessions.

Reset to Rise Program Outline:

  • Our first meeting will address your goals and objectives, and review the Ocean & Arrow Reset to Rise program guide.

    • We will cover goal setting tips, mindful eating, macronutrients, and introduce the 10 Day Reset.

  • The first 10 days of the program is dedicated to focusing on a plan that aligns with your goals, through mindful eating and movement.

  • After your first 10 days, we will focusing on what you eat, what you do, how you show up - how these things make you feel.

  • The rest of the program will be focused on personal growth through meditation, movement and healthy foods.

    • Note, we will encourage healthy movement pending your various exercise levels. This is not a physical training or fitness program.

  • You’ll have a weekly call with me to review your progress, and access to me 24/5 via text or email for those moments of vulnerability, or if you need an accountability buddy.

  • We will have an optional group call once a week to discuss our progress in a small group setting.

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