I’ve received several incredible inquiries about accountability and life coaching as an offering. I am honored to be chosen to help guide and support you on your life journey.

We often experience moments in our life where we feel misguided, unsupported, or even defeated. These experiences are really our intuition setting forth a process in motion, encouraging to shift and change our direction and open up limitless possibilities. When we truly dedicate the time to pursuing our life goals, passions, and are open to personal growth, we become powerful beyond measure.

This life coaching program is uniquely catered to each individual client.

We will meet to address initial goals, perhaps it’s starting a business, perhaps it is manifesting a relationship or new job. We will use these goals to help frame our work together, but also be mindful that they may shift during our work. Something else new and wonderful may unfold and unlock something great.

The only rule during this program: be open.

This program is centered around understanding the following:

  • Stepping into your most authentic self.

  • Build confidence and minimize fears.

  • Identifying your core values.

  • Being and remaining open.

  • Tackle limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Build self worth.

Program Outline:

  • Goal Setting - our first session will address goals. We will make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART).

  • Each week we will discuss your Your Win of the Week (WOTW) - what made you thrive, feel good, or what really inspired you this week?

  • Lets tackle fears, overall fulfillment and limiting beliefs, head on!

  • Additionally, I'd like to spend at least 20 minutes or so each week discussing steps to make you successful, we will use this time to align with your personal goals established at the beginning of the program.

  • Program homework including:

    • Daily Journaling so YOU can see YOUR progress

    • Affirmation setting

    • Meditation and establishing a practice

    • Designing your perfect day

    • Dream life interviews

    • Love letters to yourself

    • Wins Of The Week (WOTW)

    • Identifying and addressing fears.

This 8 week unique program includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour video calls for support. I view this as an accountability session for our time together.

  • Text support and or moments of panic - I'm always available by phone / text for those times of UGH or WTF, however, I do have some boundaries around when I will respond (specifically Friday and Saturday’s are days I am unavailable).

  • Homework to increase overall self worth, shift patterns of limiting behavior and break through barriers.

At the completion of our time together, we will revisit moving forward on an hourly basis.

Should you need continuing support, I am happy to accommodate that and hold space for you.