Photo by Chelsea Francis

Photo by Chelsea Francis

It all started...

In June 2016, I underwent my third heart surgery. 

I am a congenital heart disease (CHD) heart warrior, having had two prior surgeries when I was a little kid. At 28, I started experiencing Atrial Fibrillation, irregular heart rate, that ended me in the hospital. The doctors recognized my Mitral Stenosis (narrowing of the mitral valve) to be a potential cause of my a-fib; and encouraged I undergo a balloon valvuloplasty to help open up the valve. A month after surgery, I ended up back in a-fib feeling defeated, depressed, and sad. 

With the encouragement of my cousin, I started to see a nutritionist to explore my lifestyle, habits, relationships and career to evaluate if I was living my authentic truth. I wasn't. 

This experience was profound. It was better than therapy. I noticed a change in my attitude, passions and interests, and I felt better, stronger and happier. I took control of my health and did not let the doctors or my past experiences define me. Its been an ongoing journey, and has inspired me to help others. Throughout this experience I was energized and empowered to pursue my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training and share the practice that I love.

My goal with Ocean and Arrow is to empower others to create healthy and mindful habits that inspire change. By focusing on what we eat and how it makes us feel, we can be more mindful and open. I believe that we are put on this earth to create change, to learn and to grow, and to prioritize our health to inspire the world around us. By being the best version of ourselves, we inspire our communities, relationships, friends and family to be their best version creating a ripple effect. 

I hold my MBA in Digital Media Management, my BA in Communication Studies, I am a 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance (certified through Wanderlust Yoga), and am an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach. 

I'd love to help you on your health journey!