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Holistic Health + Wellness

The mission of Ocean & Arrow is to empower, inspire, and point you forward on your holistic health journey through self-inquiry, asana, mindful eating and meditation.

Our unique program enables a shift in lifestyle with the underlying premise of recognizing how you feel. The ultimate goal is to identify and create the habits, and conscious decision making that enable you to be your very best self.  

Ocean: I find the power of the ocean to be the most spiritual place on earth. The smooth, melodic sound of waves crashing creates a space of pure zen. Its a space where I can become mesmerized and gain clarity of thought. The ocean is much bigger than us, and its ability to renew and restore is profound. 

Arrow: Symbolically, the arrow has appeared as my "sign" in this life. The premise of an arrow, it must be pulled backward in order to move forward.

Join me on this journey.